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Love Songs: How to cut through the noise

Love Songs: How to cut through the noise

If you’ve ever heard Foreigner sing, "I wanna know what love is, I want you to show me," then you likely have agreed with the longing to understand this crazy little thing called love. What is it, how do we find it, and can you avoid losing it? In fact, most of the songs ever recorded are about this four-letter word, love.

What if our favorite love songs are wrong? What if these love songs are to blame for many of our relationship mistakes? When we start with the wrong understanding of love, it’s really difficult to experience love in our own life.

Join us as we discuss how to cut through the noise and discover what’s actually true about love.


In preparing for the Love Songs series, Stephen, Allie and Michael were reminiscing about some of their favorite love songs. They decided to create Spotify playlist to share with you.

In the spirit of friendly competition, they wanted to create a little contest. The playlist with the most listens at the end of February wins. Pick your favorite and give it a listen!