Vision Impaired

Fall sermon series

Dealing With Doubt

Rev Stephen Lohoefer

Sunday, September 16

Many of us grew up with some version of the Christian faith, but whether it was because of life experiences, exposure to science or philosophy, or criticisms of religion - we began to doubt what we believed. What do we do with our doubts and how do we respond to the challenges to our faith? How can we strengthen our faith against future attacks?

How to Read the Bible

Rev Stephen Lohoefer

Sunday, September 23

Written a long time ago in a land far far away, the Bible is a collection of stories, history, poems and letters that we believe is the inspired word of God. But it can often seem boring, confusing, or irrelevant, so what value does it have for us today?

I Have A Question

Rev Stephen Lohoefer

Sunday, September 30

Asking questions help us to get to know others better, so why do we hesitate to ask questions about God? Is it because we were taught that belief should be enough? What if that’s not how Its supposed to work at all? What if Jesus calls us to use our minds to ask, search, and be curious about God and our world?

Why Do We Do That?

Rev Stephen Lohoefer

Sunday, October 7

If you’ve spent time in a church, you’ve likely seen or participated in several traditions that have existed for thousands of years. From saying the Lord’s Prayer to celebrating baptisms and Holy Communion. These traditions have become a routine part of our faith, but where did they come from and why do we still do them today? Understanding the answers to these questions can help us reach a deeper place of faith and experience God in new ways.

The Experience of God

Rev Allie Shulman

Sunday, October 14

We've come to expect God to show up in the big moments of life-- when a tragedy strikes, when something new begins. But what if we could experience God daily? Learning to open yourself up to the Spirit is key to regularly feeling God's presence in your life. We'll share some practical ways you can change your life to experience God more.

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