Examining Walls

November 4, 2019

Nehemiah 2: 11-15

When I reached Jerusalem and had been there for three days, I set out at night, taking only a few people with me. I didn’t tell anyone what my God was prompting me to do for Jerusalem, and the only animal I took was the one I rode. I went out by night through the Valley Gate past the Dragon’s Spring to the Dung Gate so that I could inspect the walls of Jerusalem that had been broken down, as well as its gates, which had been destroyed by fire. Then I went on to the Spring Gate and to the King’s Pool. Since there was no room for the animal on which I was riding to pass, I went up by way of the valley by night and inspected the wall. Then I turned back and returned by entering through the Valley Gate.

Nehemiah arrives in Jerusalem and stays for three days without telling a soul why he is there. Perhaps he is nervous about the opposition. Perhaps he is wisely waiting to get to know those in charge before he tells them of his plan. Either way, one night, he decides to examine the walls for himself. Up until this point, Nehemiah has only heard of the damage, but now he has a chance to see it for himself. Nehemiah knew he couldn’t move forward with his work unless he saw how bad the situation was. To see a map of Nehemiah’s walk, click here.

What walls need to be examined in your life? Do you need to examine these alone, without other people’s input or opposition, listening only to God?