31 Days of Prayer Series 001

If most of us are honest, prayer is a part of our following Jesus that we wish was better. And when we're not good at something - it's hard to enjoy it. That's us with prayer.

We feel bad, even guilty, about how little we pray - and when we finally make time to pray, we often don't know what to say. Or we're so distracted it's challenging to focus.

Most people define prayer as simply "Talking with God." Prayer is a back and forth conversation that comes out of a depth of relationship. But at an even more basic level, prayer is a blanket word for our relationship to the Father.

For Jesus, prayer was central to life with God. We read that he "often withdrew into lonely places and prayed." (Luke 5:16) And for Jesus, prayer wasn't an obligation or burden - he seems to enjoy his Father's company genuinely. We think that's why the disciples asked Jesus in Luke 11v1, "Teach us to pray."

That's the goal of our 31 Days of Prayer - to learn how to pray and make prayer a rhythm of our life. This sermon series and the resources on this page are designed to help. We hope you'll use them as we learn to pray.

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What if you could do prayer differently?

Prayerfulness is a difficult virtue to cultivate in our busy lives. It takes time, effort, and above all our attention. The key to cultivating prayerfulness in our lives is by taking small steps to form a habit of a prayerful mindset. In the guide below, you will find instructions on how to engage in an ancient practice called breath prayer.

Breath prayers are a simple way to direct your attention to God throughout the day with a simple word or phrase. Use the guide below over the course of this month (or this year!) to build prayerfulness into your life.

Latest Sermon | July 14, 2024

The Cost Of Magic

This week, we start a new book in our series Summer Reading List: Andy Crouch's The Life We're Longing For. The book tackles the question of our relationship to technology and the cost of our excessive technology use. In this sermon, Pastor Allie examines the history of our technology use and illustrates the price we pay for doing our own technological magic.

Prayerful Playlists

A song is a prayer amplified. This wisdom has been passed down from generation and generation and is why we find so many songs in the Bible itself. Below you will find a few of our favorite prayerful playlists to play while you pray, drive, or generally go about your day. Music, like your breath, can be a key way to redirect your attention to God throughout the day.