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Short Term Groups

At the Grove, we believe growth happens best in community. Short-term groups are communities of people who meet regularly over a specific timeframe. These groups are centered on a specific topic or book and meet weekly in homes or at the church. Coming soon in 2018.

Dinner With Friends

All-church events that happen once a month. We invite anyone to come and share a meal together, join in 10-15 minutes of table discussion on various topics, such as Scripture or message (sermon) followup, to build friendships and grow in faith together. 

  • Inside and outside events, on campus, at people’s houses.
  • Childcare provided.
  • Free event.
  • First Dinner will be a “Friendsgiving” mid November.

Families / GroveKids

At GroveKids, we excite kids and equip parents to follow Jesus together. We do this by providing a safe and engaging space every Sunday from birth through 6th grade for your child to learn about the Gospel. Our GroveKids volunteers are prepared to provide your child and family with skills to help them become deeply devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

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