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Confirmation 2023 Begins this Fall

Offered during the 6th-grade year, Confirmation at The Grove allows students an opportunity to explore the depths of their faith and helps them begin to understand what it means to live like Jesus.

When is Confirmation offered?

Confirmation classes will be offered every Sunday at 9 am starting September 11th. There will also be a Spring and Fall Confirmation retreat, dates forthcoming.

What happens during the Confirmation experience?

In their weekly Sunday classes, retreats, and faith center visits, Confirmands will be exposed to the United Methodist way of faith. While openly discussing history, theological concepts, and membership in the church, we trust the Holy Spirit will be inwardly at work. In order for the Confirmands to understand what it means to personally respond to Christ, each student will develop a deeper relationship with God and their peers, while learning about themself during the Confirmation experience. Your child will learn how important it is to be involved in the life of the church and what that involvement requires of her or him. They will begin to put this understanding into practice while engaging in church and learning about their gifts. It is an experience that has the potential to impact their faith journey well after Confirmation concludes.

Confirmation offers a special community where intentional nurturing and faith formation can occur. Community matters and the community formed through the Confirmation experience is like no other.

What is the commitment?

We ask that each family commit to participate in at least 80% of Sunday classes offered at 9am on Sunday mornings. Beyond that, we invite students to participate in various social events throughout the year. Parents are asked to volunteer as hosts and chaperones throughout the year as well.